Signs Of Faulty Or Broken Garage Door Springs

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    Signs Of Faulty Or Broken Garage Door Springs

    Signs Of Faulty Or Broken Garage Door Springs – According to the American Housing Survey, a survey conducted in 2015, about 63% of all inhabited households in America have garages and carports.

    This would mean that many homeowners all across North America, including Canada, have run into a problem or two with their garage doors.

    Unfortunately, not every homeowner knows that there’s even the slightest problem with their garage doors.

    With our tips and tricks, anyone at home can see for themselves whether or not their overhead doors need repairing!

    1. Loose Cables

    Usually, with any modern mechanical device, loose parts are already a bad sign.

    The same goes for garage doors.

    Loose garage door cables don’t necessarily mean that the overhead door itself is broken.

    It is commonly a typical sign that the torsion springs are failing.

    If the cables are noticeably coming loose or have already come loose, the tension springs are having a hard time functioning correctly, as their primary role is to keep the garage door cables tightly wound in place.

    Any homeowner coming across loose garage door cables should already consider having their springs repaired or replaced.

    2. Heavy Garage Doors

    Ordinarily, overhead doors aren’t that hard to open.

    Modern garage doors are made to open and close easier and smoother for any homeowner’s convenience.

    If the garage door itself has noticeably become harder and harder to open, that is already a telltale sign that the tension springs are either failing or have already failed completely.

    In fact, when garage door springs break, any homeowner should expect their garage doors to become completely “dead weight.”

    3. Crooked Overhead Doors

    Both sides of the garage door are almost always fitted with extension springs.

    Although they work together, their individual and independent role is to pull your garage door.

    Damaged extension springs can usually result in having a crooked garage door.

    If a homeowner’s garage door has become crooked, the garage door should be repaired immediately by a professional.

    If a crooked garage door can’t be fixed right away, the garage door could be jammed and stuck on the tracks, making it hard to fix it in the future.

    4. Jerky Movement

    If a garage door’s movement suddenly becomes jerky and twitchy when trying to open or close it, that’s typically a sign that the garage door springs are broken.

    This is actually the most common indication that the garage door springs are broken.

    5. Loud Noises From Your Garage

    Garage door torsion springs can become worn out over time after days, months, or even years of use.

    When they finally break and give out, a loud noise can be heard coming from the garage.

    Even if the torsion spring is only slowly unwinding for about a few seconds, the noise coming from the spring undoing itself can be really loud.

    That is why if any homeowner hears loud noises coming from their garages, they should have the torsion springs looked at by an expert immediately, as this could cause quite an inconvenience in the near future if left unchecked.

    6. Garage Door Falls Too Fast

    Nowadays, with the advancement of technology, overhead doors are made to open and close with ease.

    If a garage door ends up falling too quickly, that is generally a sign that the garage door’s springs are broken.

    The garage door‘s weight is supported by the spring, which means if the garage door falls too fast when trying to close it, the springs may be broken.

    This poses a very serious threat to anyone living in a house with a garage door with broken springs, as the overhead door can unexpectedly fall on top of a car, or even people trying to pass underneath.

    That is why it is best to contact a garage door repair company right away when this problem occurs.

    Do these symptoms match with your garage door?

    Above all else, homeowners value the household’s safety and those coming to and from their houses.

    If any of the symptoms mentioned above match with anyone’s garage doors, they should contact someone to repair and fix their garage doors straight away.

    There are many professionals all around Calgary listed online that will help with anyone’s garage door problems.

    If one’s garage door has any of these symptoms, there shouldn’t be any hesitation to contact an overhead door repair company immediately, as it is always better to trust professionals with the maintenance and repair of any homeowner’s garage door.

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    David Martin

    David Martin

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