Essential Garage Door Safety Features: Do You Have Them?

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    Garage Door Safety Features

    Essential Garage Door Safety Features: Do You Have Them?

    Garage doors ensure security around the house, from any external forces that might invade the peaceful home.

    However, it does not always guarantee safety, as children and even adults can wind up in the garage and still be clueless and careless about running into overhead doors.

    As a massive machine with multiple intricate systems, overhead doors can often pose a danger to the family.

    Especially if the individual is not careful, the door can be dangerous.

    Thus, doors in the garage are equipped with safety features that will ensure that the people near it are not harmed when it does its operation.

    Hence, when people install a new garage door, they should keep in mind the various safety features that the door should have.

    Without these features, the family is not protected at all from the potential hazard that it can cause.

    Safety should be the number one priority when it comes to buying machinery for the house.

    Checking it is equipped with features that can protect people is a must.

    The following are the safety features that a garage door should have:


    There have been many incidents when people have died due to their careless musings or accidents involving the operation of a garage door.

    Because of that, in today’s time, automatic garage doors are equipped with an auto-reverse feature that allows the door to reverse back up when closing if it detects an object or a person below it.

    When it hits something, it automatically goes back up to prevent accidents like crushing the person under it.

    Openers have safety detectors that indicate whether something hinders the path below and then sends a signal to the opener to stop if it does detect something.

    Testing the door if it is equipped with an auto-reverse can be done by putting objects below and see if it stops midway and goes back up.

    If it does not, then there might be something wrong with the opener, or there is no auto-reverse to begin with.

    Calling for a garage door repair company to deal with this might help solve the problem.

    Motion detector

    This is perhaps one of the fascinating things about the garage door.

    It is one of the features that offers security, furthermore, in two different ways.

    The lights that are equipped in the garage are automatically turned on whenever a vehicle or a living being crosses under the sensors in charge of detecting the motion.

    These sensors are installed in the doorway where it can automatically detect motion, where the lights stay on for at least four to five minutes to indicate movement.

    This safety feature also provides adequate lighting, in that it helps people get out of the vehicle with a clear vision, without the danger of accidentally bumping or hitting something, thus being free from accidents.

    Moreover, it is an excellent addition to the security, as it can detect any unwanted persons entering the home as it can trigger the lights.

    Manual operation

    Even with an automatic garage door at hand, there will always be a time when a manual operation will be needed;

    hence a manual control feature in the garage door is handy.

    In case of power interruptions that can disrupt the operation of an electric motor in the door, manually operating it can be done and can put the door back into place in no time.

    This can be used for emergencies, wherein electricity is not possible, or the automatic feature is broken or stuck.

    Perform Maintenance

    To ensure that the safety features are intact, it is essential that homeowners perform maintenance every once in a while.

    Simple lubrication on the opener and its sensors can go a long way in preventing future problems from arising.

    As it could be dangerous without these features, people should take better care of the garage door’s components and clean them when they have the time.

    For repairs or replacements of parts that hinder the door from performing its usual operation, do not hesitate to contact a garage door repair company.

    The mechanism is dangerous and requires quite a lot of experience and knowledge to put it back into place.

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