Common Garage Door Repairs

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    Common Garage Door Repairs

    The garage door is a complicated hardware piece that is subject to everyday usage.

    Due to this, the parts loosen and some wear out, leading to some damages.

    To avoid repairs, always do inspections and lubrication.

    Maintaining the quality of the door is the owners’ responsibility.

    However, other factors might lead to wreckages.

    Before it gets crucial, contact a garage door company to resolve the issue and to avoid increasing the defect.

    In this post, the most common cases that require garage door repair will be presented.

    Please keep in mind that DIY is not recommended, for it is risky and harmful.

    What homeowners can do is to observe the door and wait for a specialist.

    Signs of a Damaged Garage Door

    If these signs are observed, examine the door and contact a technician.

    Garage Door Won’t Open

    There are alternatives to how to open the door, like manually lifting it.

    Also, try changing the batteries of the remote or unplugging the switch.

    However, if all the possible ways to open it have been attempted yet it still won’t open, then the problem might be one of the components.

    When the door is not coordinating to the opener’s commands anymore, the concluded reason is defective cable, tracks, springs, or the opener itself.

    Of course, owners who lack the profound details about garage doors will not determine the problem.

    Loud Noises During Lifting and Lowering

    Another sign of a garage door that seeks repairs is the annoying loud noises.

    The common noises heard of a problematic door are screeching and grinding.

    Please do not ignore these sounds because it might be a call for help from the damaged parts.

    Usually, the problem is a speck of stuck dirt or debris in the tracks.

    Another reason is the lack of lubricants.

    To fix the problem, clean the tracks and the other parts.

    Also, lubricate the components to keep them greasy and functional.

    However, this is not always the case; these ways are not always demanded solutions.

    To avoid making it worse, schedule an appointment with a garage door company.

    Common Garage Door Damages

    Below are the reasons behind a malfunctioning door.

    Broken Springs

    The springs are deemed the most important part of overhead doors.

    These components are responsible for the heavy lifting, which is which these are always put under pressure and lots of tension.

    When a spring breaks, the overall operation will be hindered.

    This damage is noticeable because a loud banging sound will be heard.

    The springs are dangerous to handle, rendering it inadvisable to repair by one who lacks a professional garage door technician’s knowledge and skills.

    Broken Small Parts

    Sometimes, the small components are undermined because they are easy to fix.

    However, this mindset does not always turn out right.

    Even a single hinge can cause a tremendous amount of damage, especially if the issue is more complicated than expected.

    Broken Door Panels

    The door panels look too light; however, these are often underestimated.

    In fact, they are heavy enough to require a pair to fix it.

    It may sound easy but any attempt to engage in a DIY project that involves mechanical repair would only lead to worsening the damage.

    Contact technicians for assistance.

    Broken Wheels

    Wheels are admittedly easy to fix but it does require a great amount of effort.

    Be careful in replacing these to avoid the probability of a bent door track or other damages.

    Damaged Weatherstripping

    A weatherstripping replacement is most likely one of the recommended DIY repairs.

    This is not a hard task but it is quite time-consuming.

    However, when the stripping needs to be done between the door panels, let a skilled person do the job.

    Dings and Dents

    Another DIY repair that is not too risky is fixing some dings and dents.

    Use a plunger to remove these.

    However, if these dents and dings are deeper than usual, it is best not to touch it, and contact a professional immediately.

    In this case, it might require replacing the damaged panels or even upgrading the door.

    Broken Opener

    The opener functions as the brain of the garage door system.

    When it gets broken, the whole operation will be affected.

    The automatic opener has various moving components and wirings.

    To avoid electric shock, owners are not advised to do this on their own because of the harmful tendencies that come along.

    Garage Door Repair in Calgary

    For garage door repair company services, those in Calgary will be happy to provide assistance.

    Additionally, firms that offer overhead door repair services are also abundant in this area.

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    David Martin

    David Martin

    Servicing garage doors for over a decade has thought me a thing or two about garage doors. In this blog I will try to share with you all I've learned over the years. I hope you find these tips helpful for a DIY fix before paying for a technician. If you still need help, don't hesitate to give us a call.

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