Commercial Steel Garage Doors

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    Commercial Steel Garage Doors

    Commercial Steel Garage Doors

    Choosing the perfect garage door fit for your needs can be a little different than it looks like, the same goes – may it be for a residential or commercial garage door.

    Based on your own personal needs and what you plan on using your garage for, the type of door you choose can change significantly.

    For commercial or industrial garage doors, steel is the best material to choose from as it is not only strong but durable as well making it ideal for businesses.

    Not only that, commercial steel garage doors are flexible in terms of aesthetics as well.

    They can be designed to look like various things including wood be with the added durability that goes with steel.

    Aside from that, they are fire-resistant and cost-effective making them such a good choice to invest in.

    But exactly what makes commercial steel garage doors exactly such a great choice?

    What are commercial garage doors?

    Before getting to the different advantages that go with steel-type commercial garage doors, let us first get a bit of an idea of what exactly commercial garage doors are.

    Commercial garage doors are huge heavy doors that are commonly used in the industry to protect their warehouses, storage houses, etc.

    They make sure that your assets are safe and secured from all kinds of external factors such as theft, weather and climate changes, and others.

    With commercial garage doors, you can be assured that nothing bad will happen with whatever you plan on using it for.

    They do not differ much from residential garage doors except that they are made more heavy duty than their residential counterpart.

    This is because they are made bigger and heavier and as such, they would need the proper hardware for it.

    There are a lot of different kinds of commercial garage doors in the market nowadays that you can choose from. To help you in deciding what to look for when buying or selecting a commercial garage door, you may check out this video.

    Benefits of choosing commercial steel garage doors

    Being the most common type of garage doors being selected nowadays makes you wonder what really makes these steel types garage doors the choice to go.

    After all, there are a lot of other options you can choose from.

    If you are one of these people, then here are some of the reasons as to why steel garage doors are being chosen more compared to its competition.

    #1 Great efficiency

    Commercial garage doors, especially the steel ones, are somewhat resistant to external factors such as corrosion, warping, and etc. If you compare it to other options you have, it is significantly better and cost-efficient.

    On top of that, this additional protection also allows your doors to last longer than they normally would.

    Aside from these, they can also handle themselves pretty well even in areas that are considerably warmer and more humid.

    #2 Comparably more secure

    This is usually what sets the deal for most companies aside from the cost.

    Commercial garage doors are what provide that additional security.

    All business owners out there will preferably want an option who can make sure that their products are safe all the time and a commercial garage door made of steel does this easily.

    Aside from that, they also come with pretty good insulation protecting your goods from even the most extreme weather conditions.

    #3 They are very versatile 

    With steel garage doors, there may not be a lot of design options compared with using other materials but in terms of applications, it can be tailored to your personal preferences.

    This means that you can style your doors however you like to. Do you want to add windows? Or do you want to improve the ventilation inside your warehouse?

    Worry no more as with steel garage doors you can certainly do this.

    You can even include window cut-outs to match the look that your store is going for.


    Commercial garage doors can be difficult to sort out but once you know what you want, everything will eventually work out just fine.

    This much is especially true for commercial steel garage doors.

    They offer a lot of advantages and benefits that you will certainly appreciate having.

    If you are looking for a garage door repair company near you to help you with your garage door installation or even with your commercial garage door repair needs, then look no further, we are here for you.

    Kald Gart Doors is a garage door repair company in Calgary committed to offering quality services any time of day or week.

    They offer a multitude of services you can choose from and they make sure to have their work done in the fastest and most efficient way.

    If you are looking for a local repair company to help you out, you cannot go wrong with Kald Gart Doors.

    For more information and inquiries, you may contact us at 587-316-9739.

    We will always be more than happy to attend to you and your needs.

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