Commercial And Residential Garage Door Repair Differences In Calgary

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    Commercial And Residential Garage Door Repair Differences In Calgary

    Manufacturers of garage doors are servicing many clients; even businesses and commercial building owners may also hire them to install overhead doors.

    With years of experience, it is no brainer that professional help is the best way to install a garage door without an expert’s guidance.

    It is not optimal and dangerous.

    While other types of garage doors exist in the market, this article will focus more on commercial and residential types, as they are both the most common.

    One way to directly tell the type without going too in-depth is to determine the building where the garage door is being attached.

    However, there are some cases that this is inapplicable as modern architecture is now starting to become complicated, thus making the identification process a lot more difficult.


    One of the most comfortable distinguishable qualities that anyone should look at when comparing the two types is the dimensions.

    The height and width of a commercial garage door should be a lot more than residential ones.

    Commercial buildings are usually using trucks and vans when it comes to their transportation, which directly calls for bigger and better dimensions to accommodate more space.

    However, the downside is that a garage door repair is more likely to happen compared to a residential one.

    Conclusion: there are no standard or recommended dimensions for commercial buildings;

    that is why it is also common to find smaller than other companies and businesses that use their vehicles.

    However, the bottom line is that commercial garage doors are relatively shorter compared to residential buildings, making them easier to spot and distinguish from each other.


    Garage doors are made with durability in mind.

    Yet, homeowners have more control over the materials being used because they consider the design and appearance of the materials.

    However, putting appearance and aesthetic choices in mind would mean that a garage door repair in Calgary is highly likely.

    Commercial buildings are trying to avoid as an overhead door repair would cost too much if done repeatedly.

    The costs might not be too much upfront, but when it does stack up, the real problem arises by itself.

    That said, it is easy to figure out if a garage door belongs to a commercial building by merely looking at its materials, especially if it is mostly made out of steel and other considerably strong materials.


    As aforementioned, appearance is another distinguishing factor that anyone can easily use because it is most apparent.

    Residential garage doors tend to be more aesthetically pleasing and full of decoration to match the design of the houses.

    Moreover, their purpose is to increase the curb appeal of the house.

    On the other hand, commercial garage doors are made with function and convenience in mind.

    Design and excessive items aren’t a thing in commercial garage doors as it could hinder the productivity of the business in many terms.

    Opening and Closing Cycle

    Overhead doors are only meant to be opened and closed for a certain amount of times.

    It is called a cycle, and most manufacturers state the process of their equipment to their clients before selling, making it a lot more transparent and in favor of the client.

    Commercial garage doors are more likely to receive higher cycles as vehicles tend to come and go more often than residential types.


    Price is the last determining factor that is worthy of being discussed.

    While residential garage doors can have higher prices, especially if the design is intricately done, commercial ones are more expensive than the average price.

    The price hike is mainly due to the size and the materials used to build it.

    With the help of garage door specialists, however, the prices can be easily modified as they can make adjustments depending on the needs and budget of the homeowner.


    Commercial and residential garage doors are not that much different from each other when it comes to the structure.

    However, when it comes to design, materials, and sizes, they can be distinguished without any effort.

    Whatever the type the garage door is, it still needs proper care and maintenance, which calls for expert technicians to do so.

    Find the closest garage door repair company online and contact them now to discuss issues with your garage door.

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