Changing Old Electric Garage Door Opener

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    Changing Old Electric Garage Door Opener

    Electric garage door openers, most often, are not complicated because of their automatic features.

    Owners only need to plug the cable to start the operation.

    However, everything has an endpoint.

    This applies to garage and overhead doors as well.

    When the opener reaches its limitations, it is time for a replacement.

    Old garage door openers have a significant impact on how the overall garage door system functions.

    A damaged opener, in most cases, will prohibit the door from opening and closing.

    A worse case would be that this defect would trigger other parts to malfunction.

    Therefore, a replacement is essential.

    In this post, the steps on how to change an old electric garage door opener will be discussed.

    How to Change the Garage Door Opener

    First and foremost, DIY projects that involve the repair of any household feature are discouraged.

    This is because engaging in these activities is quite dangerous, especially to those who lack the basic knowledge and skills to fix these appliances.

    If it needs replacement, the best thing to do is to contact a technician.

    Thus, do these if there are no other alternatives left.

    This method would usually take up to two hours.

    It is also suggested to purchase an opener that matches the old one because it does not demand new mounting equipment installation.

    It would be the quickest and easiest way.

    Detach the bracket.

    The first thing to do in changing the old opener is to detach the bracket.

    Remove the old one by searching for the screw, chain, or belt that is usually at the end of the rail.

    After finding these, locate the manual pull handle and the attached bracket.

    Remove the nut and bolt that tighten the bracket to the door.

    Next, survey the bracket arm and recognize where its attachment on the rail ends.

    Lastly, remove the bolts and nuts along with a socket and ratchet while a wrench is holding the bolt head.

    Remove the motor.

    After the bracket detachment, the motor removal comes next.

    To do this, first, release the safety lenses found on both sides of the door.

    Then, unclasp the wiring from these lenses by detaching the screws that keep the wires intact.

    Repeat this process on the motor itself, where another set of wires are attached to multiple screws.

    When the removal of the screws is done, pull the rail attached from the bracket located above the door.

    Remember that there is a fastener that holds it; thus, detach it first before pulling.

    To complete the second step, unbolt the opener from the straps that attach it from the ceiling.

    Set up the rail.

    The following step is to assemble the rail.

    Before installing the new motor, a quick assembly is required.

    Accomplish this step by following the manufacturer’s instructions.

    The openers vary, with a little difference in components and ways.

    First, install the pioneering rail into the motor head unit of the opener.

    Next, connect the couplers and the bolts.

    When the rail is complete, put the top switches to it.

    Add the first one: 12 to 14 inches from the power.

    Meanwhile, add the other from the rail’s end using the same distance.

    Install the new opener.

    The most-awaited step is to install the new motor.

    To complete this step, secure the end of the rail with a clevis pin, a bolt, or a fastener.

    Then, mount the new opener in the exact position the old one used to reside.

    Ensure that the rail and the motor are on the same level during the installation process.

    Anchor the wirings.

    To attach the wirings is the last step.

    From the unit, link the wiring to the ‘push’ button.

    Connect these new wires to the safety lenses using a screwdriver.

    Next, install the wires on both sides of the garage doors.

    Keep in mind to avoid the wires from making contact with the moving wires.

    Then, put the bracket again to attach the rail to the door.

    Lastly, make sure it’s functioning by giving it a try.

    Also, examine the safety lenses to guarantee its alignment.

    Garage Door Repair Services Available

    Aside from replacing the old opener, other service companies specialize in garage door repair in Calgary.

    Ensure the quality of overhead doors by contacting a garage door repair company.

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