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    Can’t Open Your Garage Door

    Can’t Open Your Garage Door – Overhead doors typically only have two functions: to open and close.

    It is simple yet useful in so many different ways.

    The mere opening of the door means being able to get the vehicles out and getting heavy equipment out of the room that is stored inside.

    Furthermore, the simple closing of it means having the chance to tighten the security of the house and the valuable things that are kept inside the garage.

    In short, it provides convenience and efficiency to homeowners in terms of being able to achieve a sense of security and ease every day.

    However, as a sophisticated mechanism, a garage door can also face damages and malfunction along the way.

    One of them is being unable to open the door despite the numerous times that it is told to open itself.

    As homeowners, it is important to learn what could be the reason behind this.

    The garage door not opening might be due to several faults in the system or the components.

    Here are some of the things that could be the root cause of the door’s refusal to open.

    The springs are broken

    For some people who have been with garage doors for quite a long time, they will know that one of the essential parts of the door is the springs.

    The springs are in charge of the balance and the heavy work of lifting and lowering when it opens or closes.

    Thus, if the door is unable to open itself, it means that there is something wrong with the springs.

    It is one of the most common problems that homeowners can face when it comes to overhead door repair.

    There are generally two types of springs, namely the Torsion and Extension springs.

    The torsion springs are located at the top, while the extension is placed on both sides of the door.

    Both types are typically rated depending on the number of cycles it is able to withstand.

    Cycles can run out for quite some time and they will cause the springs to break; thus, making the door unable to be lifted by the motor.

    The cables are worn out

    The cables assist the springs in carrying the door and can run from the edge of the garage door to the other side.

    In some cases, when the springs snap, the cable also breaks.

    When this happens, it should be immediately replaced along with the springs.

    The lock handle is engaged

    The lock handle of the door is positioned right outside, which has the job of ensuring the safety of the garage.

    If it is engaged, it hinders the ability of the manual opening of the door.

    Ensure that the door is not locked before attempting to pry it open.

    The opener/remote control does not work

    One of the very first things to check when the door is not opening by itself is if the remote control is functioning properly.

    It might be due to the batteries being dead, which only need to be replaced.

    If it is not the case, it might be due to some problems with the reception of the remote control and the opener.

    Other reasons could be the remote control is malfunctioning internally and will need to be reset, or there is something wrong with the overhead door’s opener itself.

    The gear is stripped

    A heavy garage door might place too much strain on the opener.

    If that is the case, a humming noise will issue out from the garage when one attempts to open it.

    This could be why it does not move or function properly.

    It might be due to the gears being stripped, which then needs to be replaced.

    In some cases, the opener might already be too old and hence cannot handle any more of the strain, which should then make homeowners opt for a new one.

    When any of these issues ensue, calling a garage door repair company is the first step homeowners should take.

    A garage door, not opening, means a lot of intricate and dangerous details behind it needs to be put right and a person without professional experience should not handle it by themselves.

    Call for a specialist to fix the door right away.

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