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    Jammed Garage Door repair

    Jammed Garage Door – Every once in a while, people have thought of the worst-case scenarios possible when dealing with important things on a fateful day.

    At least for garage door owners, one of them includes the jamming of a garage door when running on an important errand or going to work.

    Inconvenience and inefficiency are one of the two things that really get to people when this happens.

    Because automatic garage doors have the promise of convenience in its ability to operate itself, a jammed door can be really disappointing, and at the same time, frustrating.

    What’s more, damages such as this can occur in the most unfortunate days and time when the safety and security that the door provides is essential.

    This is pretty common in the areas of Calgary, where overhead doors are rampant.

    There are a lot of reasons as to why a garage door can be jammed.

    Here are five of the most common root causes of a jammed garage door:

    The garage door track is lodged.

    Beginning with the simplest one, the overhead door can be easily jammed when there is an obstruction found in the track.

    To find out whether it is the case, looking into objects that might have fallen and got stuck, such as brooms or shovels in the track, are causing the lodging.

    A quick fix can be done just by removing the stray objects.

    The garage door is locked.

    A locked garage door might be the reason for the jamming.

    Garage doors are often equipped with the system that allows people to lock the door outside the garage by merely turning the handle.

    It might slip the minds of homeowners and not notice it being activated, or children playing outside have turned it accidentally.

    Unlocking it can easily solve the problem.

    The garage door springs are broken.

    Jammed garage doors are often caused by the springs being broken.

    In retrospect, there are two types of springs, mainly the torsion and extension springs.

    Torsion springs are those that are placed horizontally above the garage door.

    Checking if there are any gaps in between them are sure signs of breaking.

    Extension springs, on the other hand, are placed at both sides of the door.

    Check to see if at least a piece of them is loose and hanging on the side, and if there is, then it is an indication that it is broken.

    The springs breaking is very dangerous and is a potential hazard for the people around the vicinity.

    The garage door is off its tracks.

    If the garage door is off its tracks, it can be very obvious to the eye.

    It looks off-balanced and is hanging off on uncertain sides.

    Putting it back on the right track can solve the problem, but professionals should be the only ones to handle it, as the job requires precision and professionalism to be able to put it right.

    On a side note, if the panels are not harmed, the garage door need not be replaced, as in the worst-case scenario.

    Nevertheless, the rollers will have to be placed back on its tracks.

    The rollers are jammed.

    When the problems lie off the scope of springs and cables, then it might be due to the jamming of the rollers in the track.

    Forcing the garage door to move may result in more damage in the track and need far more repairs than the original problem.

    Applying a lubricant and seeing if the door works again can be done easily to resolve it.

    If it does not work, reaching out to a specialist is the best way to keep it back on track.

    For jammed garage doors in Calgary, residents need not look far, as overhead door repairs are our area of expertise.

    Get jammed overhead doors up and running by calling for a garage door repair company that is competent and provides the best possible service in town.

    Our services equate to the value of the trust and expense that homeowners are willing to spend for the benefit of their doors.

    Furthermore, we provide convenience and efficiency, plus fast repairs around the area.

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    David Martin

    David Martin

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