Annual Garage Door Maintenance: A Comprehensive Guide

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    Annual Garage Door Maintenance

    Regular maintenance is a surefire way to prolong the lifespan of your garage door. A well-maintained garage door not only ensures safety but also avoids expensive repairs down the line. Let’s dig into how to do your Annual Garage Door Maintenance and keep it in peak performance.

    Garage Door Inspection

    Firstly, a visual inspection of your garage door is an integral part of any maintenance routine. Monitor the door springs, cables, rollers, and pulleys for signs of wear and tear. If any part looks worn out or operates unusually, it is best to get it checked by a professional.


    Lubrication is essential for the smooth functioning of your garage door. Lubricate all moving parts with a high-quality, non-greasy lubricant at least once a year to reduce friction and wear. This guide to cleaning and lubricating overhead door hinges, rollers, and tracks provides useful information.

    Weather Stripping

    Don’t overlook the weather stripping. It’s crucial for keeping your garage insulated and clean. Replace the weather stripping if it is brittle or cracked to prevent water and dirt from getting inside your garage.

    Balance Testing

    Perform a balance test on your garage door annually. If your garage door is off-balance, it can put extra strain on the automatic opener, resulting in premature wear.


    Regular cleaning of your garage helps maintain not just the aesthetics, but also the function of the door. Washing the door and clearing out debris keeps the parts moving smoothly.

    Safety Features Check

    Garage doors come with safety features to prevent accidents. Make sure to check the safety sensors and auto-reverse mechanism annually to ensure they’re working properly.

    Here is an overview of the maintenance costs you can expect in Calgary:

    Service Average Cost
    Basic Inspection & Lubrication $75 – $125
    Spring Replacement $150 – $200
    Cable Replacement $120 – $180
    Weather Stripping Replacement $100 – $200
    Balance Test & Adjustment $100 – $150


    How Often Should I Have My Garage Door Serviced?

    Annual servicing of your garage door is generally recommended. However, if your door sees heavy usage, semi-annual maintenance might be beneficial. Regular upkeep ensures its smooth operation and helps prevent unforeseen issues.

    Can I Perform Garage Door Maintenance Myself?

    Yes, some aspects of garage door maintenance can be performed by homeowners. This includes visual inspection, lubrication, and cleaning. However, tasks like spring replacement or fixing a malfunctioning safety feature are best left to professionals due to the associated risks.

    What Type of Lubricant Should I Use for My Garage Door?

    High-quality, non-greasy silicone or lithium-based lubricants are best for garage doors. They prevent sticking and resist dust and grime buildup. Regular household oil or WD-40, though convenient, is not recommended as they can attract dirt and cause premature wear.

    What are the Signs that My Garage Door Needs Professional Repair?

    If your garage door displays unusual behavior such as loud noises, unsmooth operation, or failure to open or close correctly, it’s time to call a professional. Also, if you notice worn-out parts or a non-functioning safety mechanism, reach out to a garage door specialist. These issues could be signs of a serious problem that should be addressed promptly.

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